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Situated in the grand former Rural Bank building, which boasts 4 metre high ceilings and a spacious and light interior.

currently provides studio space for a local artist (Robyn Veneer Sweeney),
which will change as the studio evolves. It is planned that b: ATELIER will be sufficiently equipped in the near future enabling us to welcome visiting artists to do small residencies. It is intended that b: ATELIER runs as an ARI space and an unincorporated NFP.

b: ATELIER  charges small commissions for sales, the proceeds of which will go to cover running costs and improvements.

We will provide small group workshops in various media in 2021, to be facilitated by resident and visiting artists.

To share the results of in-studio work and display the outcome of workshops and residencies, we have developed two small gallery spaces. In between, there will be the opportunity to show contemporary works by local and nearby practicing artists, some of which may be for sale.

b: ATELIER is a manifestation of the Batlow Community's efforts to recover after the devastation of the Black Summer Fires, which had a profound impact on people's lives and our local economy. There is a commitment to be open to the public during similar hours to our local Mountain Made Arts & Crafts shop. Exhibiting artists will be required to volunteer their time to attend the studio on a weekend roster shared with other volunteers. The intention is to grow Batlow creatively and encourage our visitors to enjoy not only our locally grown fruit, also the fruits of our creative endeavours.

b: ATELIER thanks Potso, the owner of this wonderful building, for his support and encouragement in this experiment. Thanks goes to those Community Members who donated equipment or other assistance and their ongoing encouragement.

b: ATELIER sits on Wiradjuri Land. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

Our Artists 

Our Artists Our Artists Our Artists 

Kez Angel. A Batlow visual artist who works predominantly with recycled materials.
'Often inspired by the environment and my surroundings. I love finding beauty in things other people discard'.

Lesa Corrine. A newcomer to Batlow
'Photography is my passion. I have travelled extensively throughout South East Asia, Peru, Europe and to the National parks in the USA capturing the beauty of landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and beautiful faces in remote villages. I love to capture the essence of my subjects through my lens'.

Jennifer Crain. An educator, Arts Facilitator & current President of the Tumut Art Society
‘I predominantly make printed works that reflect my passion for being in and preserving nature. I have printed in various forms for over 20 years and have currently returned to hand screen-print, enjoying the random marks it sometimes produces. As a keen gardener I like researching all architectural features including the Ha-Ha, a vertical embankment used instead of a fence to give an uninterrupted view.

Brenda Dyack.   
I’m a visual artist with a long career using a range of media and approaches to express responses to the human journey and our environment. I have trained and showed my work in Canada, Australia and the UK. 

Mandy Evans. Mandy is a professional artist and has her own private art therapy practice in Blackheath, at the top of the Blue Mountains. She maintains a sessional educator role in the Masters of Art Therapy and Counseling/Psychotherapy courses at Western Sydney University. Traversing artistic, therapeutic and academic worlds is a valuable part of her life and art practice.
The inside/outside-ness of my paintings imbues them with both a physical and emotional depth. I want to capture the everchanging-ness and interconnected-ness of all of nature, ourselves included.
Atmospheric/weather changes on the landscape can be representational of the changes we all experience within and throughout our lives.
This quality also allows the viewer to discover layers of interpretation. There are dark corners, ports, passages to new realms, emerging light and a sense of otherness.

Jennifer Forster. Jennie lives with husband John on a small property in the delightful Tumut Valley in New South Wales, Australia, where they raise beef cattle and are often joined by their three children. A converted shearing shed is Jennie's studio where masterful works are created in an peaceful and inspiring setting. She is an active member of the Tumut Art Society and acts as its gallery curator.
Jennie loves to experiment with styles, genre and mediums and is always expanding her knowledge which she keenly shares with her students. She is passionate about mixed media and traveling with her sketch book.

Wendy Fraser, a retired teacher, is an active member of the Batlow Creative Community.
'My paintings are varied, both in style and medium as I came to art late in life and am still exploring. I paint portraiture, still life and landscape in watercolour, oil or acrylic. This year I have focussed on using watercolour on Yupo paper and am taken by its clarity of colour and the unpredictability it brings. For me, painting is a compelling problem-solving activity that absorbs and often confounds me'. 

Donna Longabardi. Donna has been known as a well regarded and collected art photographer under the name of ddotbardi. She has recently has taken up painting and her inimitable style comes through in simple abstractions of her home paddocks in the Gilmore Valley.
'The images are created within the boundary of the 7 acre space, 'Woodlands', my home. Immersed and observing Nature, I am witness to the changing seasons.
Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future.
To know the subject in all its detail is impossible as are the discoveries limitless.'

Freda Marnie. An emerging  visual artist based in Gundagai NSW.
Her practice 'creates immersive experiences that explore the environment, sustainable farming practices and the uneasiness of our contemporary world, drawing on the influences of natural and human landmarks'. A bestselling author, she has recently transformed her storytelling platform from literature to visual arts, being exhibited at the 2020 Noel Chettle Memorial Prize in Sydney in October of this year.

Mette Sweeney is a Batlow Technology School Yr 11 student, who has an interest in Botanical Art and developing a recent interest in the art of Printmaking. She has already had works in several exhibitions with a good sales record and is quickly developing a professional attitude towards her creative output.

Misha Sweeney. A Yr 9 Student at Batlow Technology School, Misha has always been a creative spirit. She has recently become interested in the technique of Monoprints, where she is exploring the post fire Snowy areas around Talbingo and Kiandra.

Robyn Veneer Sweeney. The artist behind b: ATELIER. Trained as both a sculptor and painter, Robyn can now add Arts Admin/Manager/Publicity/Web to her list of roles.

RETROSPECTIVE - Marija zrno (Garvan institute fundraiser)

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READING THE SIGNS - Donna Longobardi & Robyn Veneer Sweeney

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