Prefab Landscape Device (from the 'THIS AIN'T NATURAL!' series)

Timber, MDF, found objects, acrylic paint 120H x 90W x 4D $600. . . Part of a series of works that come from a concern for our disappearing natural landscapes. Scientists say there are officially no more 'wild' spaces' left on our planet. Everything is tainted by the human touch. Micro-plastics pollute our most remote places and every drop of water. Living in a rural area where frequent woodland clearing by landowners is the norm, shows we still have a long way to go to convince many farmers to take take up regenerative practices.


Stitched rock Maquette for larger work NFS This work is a continuation of the Kinsugi series, where I am exploring the Japanese tradition of 'Golden Joinery' to repair broken objects. In these works, I use various iterations of Kinsugi to remind us of how we have damaged nature and how important it is for us to engage in remediative action.

Autumn Avenue

(from the this ain't natural series). Concrete, timber, aniline dyes, felt, acrylic paint. $500